Chai Sipper – Dairy Free and Sugar Free

Chai Sipper – a super easy, yummy drink – my version of “The Shrinker”. Dairy-free and sugar-free it’s a perfect sipper drink to enjoy throughout the day!

Chai Sipper - Tea made with oolong and roobois tea. Dairy free and Sugar free.

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When I first started following Trim Healthy Mama four years ago, I began drinking their famous “Shrinker” sipper drink and loved it. Although the first time I made it, I put WAY too much cayenne in it. Quick lesson learned, start with a pinch of cayenne and build up to suit your taste.

Chai Sipper - Oolong and roobois tea with added cayenne and stevia. Dairy-free and Sugar-free

You can find the Original Shrinker Recipe on the Trim Healthy Mama’s website and facebook page. While the original recipe is easy to make, I wanted something even easier – like super easy!  The addition of a rooibos tea that is already spiced was the answer for me.


Oolong Rooibos Chai Sipper

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  • 2 oolong tea bags
  • 1 chai rooibos tea bag
  • 1 – 1 1/2 cups of water
  • 1/2 – 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk
  • 1/2 teaspoon Now Brand Better Stevia or sweetener of your choice
  • pinch of sea salt
  • pinch of cayenne (can be increased as you like)
  • ice, optional


  1. Bring water to a boil. Put tea bags in quart jar. Make sure to keep your paper tags on the tea bags up and over the side of the jar. Holding onto the tags, carefully pour the hot water into the quart jar. (Keep your hand out of the way) Let steep until it cools.
  2. Remove tea bags and add unsweetened almond milk, sweetener, pinch of sea salt, tiny pinch of cayenne, additional water, and ice (if desired) to fill jar. Stir with spoon or straw.
  3. Enjoy!

Oolong tea and rooibos tea both have excellent health promoting qualities. I have included links below for further reading on their health benefits.

Rooibos Tea
Oolong Tea
Great article on 15 Ultimate Fat-Burning Foods that include rooibos tea and cayenne!

See my Girl Good Moonshine Roundup and Smoothy and Shake Roundup for more delicious drink recipes!








  1. Hi I love reading your blog and post..just wish I had more time to read more..I have a blog but had to let it go for now as working a lot but really enjoy yours..I enetered..hope I di it write..Thanks for all the info and recipes:)..Patricia

    • MamaShire (Author)

      Thank you, Patricia! So glad that you are enjoying the blog!

  2. If I could spell lol..hope I did it right

  3. Sidney

    I still think that this version of THM “Shrinker” is way better than the original! Thanks for coming up with it and sharing so willingly!! ❤️

    • MamaShire (Author)

      I’m so glad you like it, Sidney! And you are welcome. 🙂

  4. Cindy B

    I love to drink things like this with hot water and no ice on a cool day.

    • MamaShire (Author)

      Cindy, that sounds lovely.

  5. Sherry B

    Thank you – I am so excited for you and this new avenue to share and encourage. I love all of the posts so far – and the recipes are awesome.

    • MamaShire (Author)

      Thank you, Sherry!

  6. Rhonda Devine

    Made this today and really enjoy it–thanks:)

    • MamaShire (Author)

      Rhonda, I’m so glad that you liked it! It’s such a comforting drink.

  7. MaryBeth Black

    Could the almond milk be replaced with coconut milk? I have a nut allergy.

    • MamaShire (Author)

      MaryBeth, the coconut milk would put too much fat in the drink for it to be a sipper. Perhaps you could use sunflower, sesame, or flax milk. I’m not sure if you can buy those or if you would have to make them. If you did use coconut milk you should drink it in a short amount of time and not let it be an all day sipper.

  8. Kathy


    • MamaShire (Author)

      Hi Kathy, Yes


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