Sweet & Salty Popcorn (Sugar-Free)

Sweet & Salty Popcorn (Sugar-free) A little bit of sweet and little bit of salt – perfect for guilt-free snacking. Dairy-free, Gluten-free, THM-E

Sweet and Salty Popcorn - MamaShire

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Sweet and Salty Popcorn - MamaShire

My girls and I went to a Gluten-Free Expo last month in Indianapolis and had such a good time trying all the samples of gluten-free foods. There was a lot of yummy food, but it wasn’t the type of gluten-free food that we normally eat. There was a lot of sugar. It’s not something I would want to do everyday, but once a year. Yeah.

Sweet and Salty Popcorn - MamaShire

One of the samples that we came home with was a little bag of sweet popcorn. Good thing it was a little bag, it would have been hard to stop. After looking at the ingredient list, I thought it would be quick and easy to duplicate, but make it sugar-free! So here it is – sugar-free sweet & salty popcorn!

Sweet and Salty Popcorn Ingredients - MamaShire


Sweet and Salty Popcorn - MamaShire

Tips for making Sweet & Salty Popcorn:

  • Use an air popper to pop your popcorn.
  • Blend your choice of sweetener in a blender or coffee grinder to a powder consistency.
  • Use organic or Non-GMO popping corn if possible.
  • I use Spectrum Coconut Spray Oil. I have found that Walmart carries it at the lowest price.
  • For Trim Healthy Mamas, keep your serving size to 4 cups or under. This would be for an occasional E snack.

Sweet & Salty Popcorn

Sweet and Salty Popcorn - MamaShire
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  1. To make powdered homemade sweetener, blend the sweetener in a blender or coffee grinder until powdered.
  2. Put popped corn in large bowl or pan. Spray over the popcorn for about 3-5 seconds and then sprinkle on about 1 tablespoon of powdered sweetener and the sea salt. Stir with two large spoons. Spray over the popcorn again for about 3-5 seconds and sprinkle another tablespoon of sweetener over the popcorn. Stir and repeat. Taste to see if it is sweet enough. If not, repeat process. You may need to spray the popcorn 2-3 more times and stir to get all the popcorn sweetened.


*homemade sweetener – 1 cup non-GMO erythritol + 1 teaspoon Now Better stevia mixed together.





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