Running Stitch Tutorial

Running Stitch - Clementine Patterns - MamaShire

I am having so much fun sewing our new pattern for Clementine Patterns. One of the stitches that we are using on this pattern is the running stitch, also known as the straight stitch.  It’s very easy to learn and master and with its simplicity it can be used to create many beautiful designs. So grab your needle and thread and let’s do some stitching.

Running Stitch - Clementine Patterns - MamaShire

Running Stitch Tutorial:

After threading your needle and knotting the long end of the thread, bring your needle up from the back and then take small straight stitches working the needle in and out through the fabric. On our patterns we have the lines already printed for you to see where to stitch. If you are working on a project that isn’t preprinted, you will want to make the stitches as evenly as possible.

Running Stitch - Clementine Patterns - MamaShire

Sometimes, I will put the needle through several stitches at a time, but that is not necessary. You can put the needle in and out for each individual stitch.

Running Stitch - Clementine Patterns - MamaShire

You may have noticed that I am left-handed, so if you are a right-hander simply do the opposite.

Running Stitch - Clementine Patterns - MamaShire

Pull your thread gently through the fabric.

Running Stitch - Clementine Patterns - MamaShire

As you pull your thread through the fabric, you may have an occasional knot or twist. Use your needle to gently straighten out any twists or knots. If your thread is getting twisted often, you can hold your fabric up and let your thread and needle hang and unwind. That should set things right so that you can begin stitching again.

Our new pattern and kit, “Fruit of the Spirit” will be available for pre-order soon!

A Special note – starting this Friday, October 9th, I will be hosting a “Month of Giveaways” here on MamaShire to celebrate the launch of my new blog. Stay tuned for more updates!

  1. Nancy M

    I’m enjoying your new blog and look forward to upcoming posts. Have a blessed day!

    • MamaShire (Author)

      Nancy, thank you so much! So glad that you stopped to say hello!

  2. Meredith A

    I am so excited for your new pattern to come out. I have done a few of your other ones. My mother taught me some embroidery when I was growing up, but I hadn’t done any in years. After seeing your patterns, I decided to order one and relearn embroidery by watching YouTube videos. Now I’m hooked on your patterns. Thanks for giving me a new hobby!

    • MamaShire (Author)

      Meredith, so glad to hear that you are enjoying embroidery and hooked on our patterns! How fun is that!! My grandmother and mother taught me how to do different embroidery stitches when a I growing up, too. My grandmother would have me thread extra needles for her so that when she was sewing she wouldn’t have to do that. 🙂


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