Peach Good Girl Moonshine

Quick and easy to make Peach Good Girl Moonshine. It’s a delightful and refreshing drink especially for summertime. THM All-Day Sipper. Sugar-free. Low-carb

Peach Good Girl Moonshine - Sugar-free, Low-carb

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Peach Good Girl Moonshine - Sugar-free, Low-carb


Peach Good Girl Moonshine - Sugar-free, Low-carb

Peach Good Girl Moonshine is so delightful and refreshing. It’s a perfect summertime drink and the only thing you need to go along with it is…..a hammock. Picture this peachy, ice-cold drink in a hammock with good company or a good book.

Not only is this drink delicious, it’s an all-day sipper!  All-day sippers are drinks that don’t have any fuel that your body would need to burn or store. No fat, no carbs, no protein. Just refreshing goodness and good for you ingredients!

Trim Healthy Mamas this is an FP all-day sipper.


Peach Good Girl Moonshine

Peach Good Girl Moonshine - Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free
  • Author: MamaShire
  • Yield: 1 quart
  • Category: Drinks


  • 1 cup boiling water
  • 2 Peach Passion tea bags (Celestial Seasonings)
  • 2 tablespoons raw apple cider vinegar
  • 1/2 teaspoon Now Better Stevia or a couple of “donks” of THM Stevia Extract
  • 2 pinches of ginger, add additional amount to suite your taste
  • ice and more water


  1. Steep tea bags in 1 cup of hot water in quart jar for 5-10 minutes. Remove tea bags and add apple cider vinegar, stevia, and ginger. Give it a good stir and then add ice and water to fill jar.

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Peach Good Girl Moonshine

  1. Anne Belley

    We will definitely have to try this! We love Metropolitan Tea’s organic loose leaf peach apricot tea.

    • MamaShire (Author)

      Hi Anne! Oh, that sounds simply wonderful. Enjoy!

  2. Lori

    I steep the peach tea with a few hibiscus flowers (dried) and a little oatstraw. Both are said to be beneficial post-menopause. When done steeping, I then add plain seltzer water, to give it a bit of bubbly, and ice. Oh, so yum on these hot TX days! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • MamaShire (Author)

      Hi Lori! That sounds so good with the hibiscus flowers. I have some peach tea steeping right now and I have some hibiscus, so I think I’ll go put some in with my peach tea. I’ve never tried the the oatstraw before. It’s good to know what about the post-menopause help, I definitely need that. 🙂

  3. Sally

    how much fresh ginger

    • MamaShire (Author)

      I’ve used fresh ginger before. When I do, I blend some peeled pieces of ginger in the blender with water and then pour that mixture into an ice cube tray and freeze. Then I can just pop a frozen cube or two in my drink.

  4. Deborah Poole

    Oh my, this sounds delicious! One question though – I cannot handle the taste of ginger due to the taste memories created years ago by using it to help with morning sickness. Any other spices you’d recommend??

    • MamaShire (Author)

      Hi Deborah, you could just leave out the ginger and still get the benefits of the ACV. Maybe you could try adding the ginger in by tiny amounts and see if you can handle it again, maybe. 🙂

  5. Laura

    I was able to give up a longstanding Mt. Dew addiction using this drink. Thanks so much. I’m never going back.

    • MamaShire (Author)

      Laura, that’s wonderful!

  6. Donna

    I know this is a crazy question, but where do I purchase the ginger? Is it fresh or a spice found with other spices?

    • MamaShire (Author)

      Hi Donna, this is not a crazy question at all! Yes, you can find ground ginger in the spice section of your grocery store. They should also have fresh ginger in the produce section if you ever want to use fresh. But for ease I just use the ground ginger. 🙂

  7. Francy

    Can I use something different than stevia?

    • MamaShire (Author)

      Hi Francy, I also use Pure Monk. You can get it on Amazon. Use one to two scoops to taste. It comes with it’s own little scoop.

  8. Sandra Duke

    I’m curious. Is the vinegar for flavor purposes or just health. Sounds like a weird combo.

    • MamaShire (Author)

      The apple cider vinegar is wonderful for health benefits, but it also gives the drink a nice little fizzy taste. Makes it more like a soda.

  9. Christina Elkins

    Would raw honey work for a sweetner?

    • MamaShire (Author)

      Hi Christina,

      If you’re following the Trim Healthy Mama plan than the answer is no. If you aren’t it would be fine, but know that you would be getting a continual carb source throughout the day if you didn’t drink it all at once. It would also be fine if you are needing to gain weight.


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