“Fruit of the Spirit” Embroidery Available for Pre-Order

Fruit of the Spirit Embroidery Kit - Clementine Patterns - MamaShire.com

I am so excited to share our newest embroidery pattern from Clementine Patterns.

“Fruit of the Spirit”

Now available for pre-order at a special price through Wednesday, November 4th.

It’s always a thrill for me as I make those last few stitches of an embroidery and to see it all finished. This has been one of my favorites to stitch, although I probably say that after every one that I finish.

Fruit of the Spirit Close-Up - MamaShire.com Clementine Patterns

Our “Fruit of the Spirit” embroidery comes in two different ways:

  • As a pattern that comes with the pre-printed fabric and instruction sheet, or
  • As a kit that comes with everything you need to complete the embroidery, as shown below. All you need is a pair of scissors!

Embroidery Kit Supplies - Clementine Patterns - MamaShire.com

I have been sharing some snippets of this pattern in my embroidery stitch tutorials that I have posted over the past few weeks:

Look for more stitch tutorials in the coming weeks.

  1. This is beautiful! I love the little bird and sunshine. It is such a pleasure to be able to embroider scripture!

  2. Amazing embroidery pattern filled in it I loved your idea. I will definitely order this fruit embroidery.


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