Easy Easter Egg Wreath

Easy to make Easter Egg Wreath with spring flower garland and painted paper mache eggs.

An adorable homemade Easter Egg Wreath

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Supplies to make an Easy Easter Egg Wreath. Grapevine wreath, paint, eggs, flowers.

This wreath came together quickly and I’m really loving all the happy spring colors!

I was able to get all the supplies for this at JoAnn Craft & Fabric Store and Hobby Lobby. I would imagine these supplies could be found in most craft stores. If you don’t have a craft store close by or prefer to shop online, I have links below for several of the items on Amazon.

Supplies needed to make this Easy Easter Egg Wreath:

grapevine wreath
flower garland or flower sprigs
paper mache eggs
acrylic paint in spring colors – I used DecoArt Americana – Blue Haven, Poodleskirt Pink, Banana Cream, Light Lime, and Light Orchid (I added a little of the blue to get this a deeper purple)
sponge brush
glue gun
glue sticks
needle nose wire cutters
freezer paper to protect your surface
plastic plate for paint
little applesauce cups or something similar


Painting eggs for an Easter Wreath

Step 1. Paint the paper mache eggs using a foam brush in your favorite spring colors. A plastic plate works really well as a palate for the paint. Pour out about the size of a quarter of the paint to start with. It doesn’t take much paint to cover an egg.

Painting a paper mache egg.

Paint all around the sides of the egg and then place them in a little applesauce cup to dry. The cup holds them up better to dry and the egg shouldn’t stick to the cup.

Painted paper mache eggs.

After the sides are dry, go back and paint the ends. One coat should be enough.
You can always mix a little of your paints to get another shade if needed. The purple that I picked looked a little too pink, so I added a bit of the blue to make it a stronger purple color.

Grapevine wreath with a sprig of flowers.

2. Use wire cutters to cut the garland in small sections.

Grapevine wreath with a sprig of flowers.

Fluff the sections of garlands out to give it a fuller look.

Grapevine with with flowers being placed on it.

Before gluing down the sections to the wreath, place the flowers on the wreath to get a feel for how you want them placed.

Assembling the wreath with flowers.

Once you know how you want your flowers placed, begin gluing down your flower sections. Glue the base of the section and a few leaves, but leave the majority of it unglued. That way it will look fuller.

Grapevine wreath with flowers.

You may need to cut a few sections of the flowers into smaller pieces to help fill out the wreath.

Look for any areas that may need some extra flowers to fill it out.

Spreading out the flowers over the grapevine wreath.

After you have all the flower pieces glued on, fluff out any flowers or leaves that need to freshened up.

Placing the painted eggs on the Easter Wreath.

3. Before gluing the eggs, place them around the wreath to see where you want them placed. Once they are where you want them glue down one egg at a time. You can add a little extra glue to any area the needs to be more secure.

Pretty spring wreath with flowers and painted paper mache eggs.

Yay! It all finished and ready to hang!

I hope you enjoyed this craft! I’d love to see what yours, tag me on social media with #mamashire!

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An adorable Easter Egg Wreath with flowers and painted paper mache eggs.

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