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Clementine Patterns Anniversary Giveaway

Fruit of the Spirit Embroidery Kit - Clementine Patterns -

Clementine Patterns celebrated it’s fourth year of being a business this week!

And it’s all thanks to you! Our sweet customers – you are the ones that have made this happen. It has been such a blessing to us to be able to share these designs and encouraging words with you.

Give Thanks - Clementine Patterns

The first pattern that we offered for sale four years ago was our “Give Thanks” pattern. It was the first in our four seasons line.

Sing to the Lord - Beginner Embroidery Pattern - Clementine Patterns

“Sing to the Lord” has become our most popular beginner kit. Our beginner kits include extra fabric, thread, and extra instructions for beginners on learning how to do the stitches.

The very first embroidery that I remember doing was when I was eight, it was an elephant, a circus elephant. I don’t remember how I got the design or what would make me decide to do a circus elephant, but that’s what I did. I have kept it all these years. I’ll have to get it out and post a picture of it.

Fruit of the Spirit Sample Embroidery

Our designers are my daughters, Breezy and Emily Rose. I love being able to see how they come up with designs and turn them into something that we can create into a beautiful hand-crafted heirloom. Our newest pattern, “Fruit of the Spirit”, started as a small design in Emily Rose’s sketch book. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.

Backstitch Tutorial - Clementine Patterns -

This is my favorite part – getting to embroider the samples! It’s like painting with thread.

Embroidery Kit Supplies - Clementine Patterns -

A big part of our work hours are spent putting together the kits. It’s such a delight to think of where these kits might end up or who will be stitching these patterns. My sweet husband, Rob, sews our needle books for us. He is a third generation automobile upholsterer; his skills with a sewing machine are amazing. He sews these little books up for us in a third of the time that it would take me. He also takes our packages out to be shipped.

You can follow Clementine Patterns on Instagram for a more behind the scenes look. Emily Rose’s new puppy even shows up on Clementine’s Instagram.

When the Lord sends us a sale we like to sing the doxology because it is only by His grace and mercy that we have been able to do this.

“Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow;
Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye Heavenly Host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen.”

We would like to continue the celebration of Clementine Patterns anniversary by giving away one our embroidery kits. Enter below!

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“Fruit of the Spirit” Embroidery Available for Pre-Order

Fruit of the Spirit Embroidery Kit - Clementine Patterns -

I am so excited to share our newest embroidery pattern from Clementine Patterns.

“Fruit of the Spirit”

Now available for pre-order at a special price through Wednesday, November 4th.

It’s always a thrill for me as I make those last few stitches of an embroidery and to see it all finished. This has been one of my favorites to stitch, although I probably say that after every one that I finish.

Fruit of the Spirit Close-Up - Clementine Patterns

Our “Fruit of the Spirit” embroidery comes in two different ways:

  • As a pattern that comes with the pre-printed fabric and instruction sheet, or
  • As a kit that comes with everything you need to complete the embroidery, as shown below. All you need is a pair of scissors!

Embroidery Kit Supplies - Clementine Patterns -

I have been sharing some snippets of this pattern in my embroidery stitch tutorials that I have posted over the past few weeks:

Look for more stitch tutorials in the coming weeks.

Backstitch Tutorial

Backstitch Tutorial - Clementine Patterns -

Have you ever wanted to learn how to embroider? Or maybe, you have done embroidery in the past, but it’s been a while and you would like a little refresher.  As I’m working on our newest pattern for Clementine Patterns, I thought it would be a great time to show you how to do several of the different stitches that are featured in the design.

Today’s stitch will be the backstitch. These photos show me and all my left handedness, so if you are right handed just do the opposite.

Backstitch Tutorial:

Begin by threading your needle and knotting the long end of the thread. Start on the back side of the fabric and bring your needle through to the front where you want to begin.

Make your first stitch by taking your needle on the front side and putting the needle in the fabric just a short distance (however long you want your stitch to be) from where you brought it up and pull it and the thread all the way to the backto . That’s your first stitch.

To make your second stitch, bring your needle and thread up from the back about the same distance away as the length of your first stitch.

Backstitch Tutorial - Clementine Patterns -

With your needle now on the front side again, go back to the end of your first stitch and place your needle just a little bit into the fabric in the exact same spot of the end of your first stitch, turn your needle so that it is going in the direction of your stitch line.

Backstitch Tutorial - Clementine Patterns -

With the needle still on the front of the work, but in the fabric just a bit, bring the tip of the needle up from the back side about the length of how long you want your stitch to be.

Backstitch Tutorial - Clementine Patterns -

Backstitch Tutorial - Clementine Patterns -

Pull your needle and thread all the way and this will be your next stitch.

Backstitch Tutorial - Clementine Patterns -

Continue going back to the end of the previous stitch to make your next stitch.

This type of backstitch is called the sewing method. You are basically working from the front of fabric. There is another method of backstitch called the stab method that I will feature soon.

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Running Stitch Tutorial

Running Stitch - Clementine Patterns - MamaShire

I am having so much fun sewing our new pattern for Clementine Patterns. One of the stitches that we are using on this pattern is the running stitch, also known as the straight stitch.  It’s very easy to learn and master and with its simplicity it can be used to create many beautiful designs. So grab your needle and thread and let’s do some stitching.

Running Stitch - Clementine Patterns - MamaShire

Running Stitch Tutorial:

After threading your needle and knotting the long end of the thread, bring your needle up from the back and then take small straight stitches working the needle in and out through the fabric. On our patterns we have the lines already printed for you to see where to stitch. If you are working on a project that isn’t preprinted, you will want to make the stitches as evenly as possible.

Running Stitch - Clementine Patterns - MamaShire

Sometimes, I will put the needle through several stitches at a time, but that is not necessary. You can put the needle in and out for each individual stitch.

Running Stitch - Clementine Patterns - MamaShire

You may have noticed that I am left-handed, so if you are a right-hander simply do the opposite.

Running Stitch - Clementine Patterns - MamaShire

Pull your thread gently through the fabric.

Running Stitch - Clementine Patterns - MamaShire

As you pull your thread through the fabric, you may have an occasional knot or twist. Use your needle to gently straighten out any twists or knots. If your thread is getting twisted often, you can hold your fabric up and let your thread and needle hang and unwind. That should set things right so that you can begin stitching again.

Our new pattern and kit, “Fruit of the Spirit” will be available for pre-order soon!

A Special note – starting this Friday, October 9th, I will be hosting a “Month of Giveaways” here on MamaShire to celebrate the launch of my new blog. Stay tuned for more updates!

Satin Stitch

Satin Stich MamaShire

When I work on an embroidery I typically stay away from stitching the satin stitch. If a pattern calls for a satin stitch, I will just change the stitch and go on my merry way. Now, I think it’s a very lovely stitch, but it requires some concentration and I might just have a few struggles in that area. However, we do have a hand embroidery business and I have a daughter who thinks that the satin stitch is the best stitch ever. So I am trying to come to terms with it and master it once and for all.


Our new embroidery pattern, “Fruit of the Spirit”, will be featuring this stitch in several places, and I will be getting my practice in as I complete the sample. It seems that stitching a single thread of floss along the border and then doing the satin stitch over that helps keep my stitches more uniform.


I think it’s growing on me. I’m actually starting to think of how we can incorporate it into some of our other new designs for Clementine Patterns.

SatinStitch MamaShire

Have you ever done hand embroidery? What type of stitches are your favorite?

Fruit of the Spirit Sample Embroidery

Fruit of the Spirit Sample Embroidery

I have been playing around with embroidering one of Emily Rose’s lettering sketches. It has quickly become a favorite design for me. Picking out the colors and deciding on which stitches to use where is so fun. This is a tiny version of a new pattern we are working on for Clementine Patterns, which will display the Fruit of the Spirit.

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