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Sales! Black Friday through Cyber Monday!

The Breezy Tulip Studio Thankful Sale 2015 20% off Sales


The Breezy Tulip Studio

IT’S TIME TO SAVE! Yay! We are having our big Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sales in our shops + an extra day for fun. All items on sale now through Tuesday, December 1st.

Here are the coupon codes for each of our shops:

  • Noble Rose Press has all paper doll books and coloring books on sale for $5 each. Lowest price of the year. The complete collection of 7 paper dolls books and 1 coloring book is on sale for $35. No coupon needed!


Clementine Patterns Thankful Sale- 20% off sales

Fruit of the Spirit Embroidery Kit - Clementine Patterns -

Clementine Patterns

Noble Rose Press Complete Collection

Noble Rose Press

Another great sales alert –

AMAZON is offering a 30% off coupon for any ONE (1) book. Take advantage of this deal now, it expires on November 30th at 2:59 am EST. If you have been wanting the new Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook or Plan book this is the perfect time. I’ve had a couple of books on my list – Own Your Life by Sally Clarkson and Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It by Dr. David Brownstein, now to decide which one.

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“Fruit of the Spirit” Embroidery Available for Pre-Order

Fruit of the Spirit Embroidery Kit - Clementine Patterns -

I am so excited to share our newest embroidery pattern from Clementine Patterns.

“Fruit of the Spirit”

Now available for pre-order at a special price through Wednesday, November 4th.

It’s always a thrill for me as I make those last few stitches of an embroidery and to see it all finished. This has been one of my favorites to stitch, although I probably say that after every one that I finish.

Fruit of the Spirit Close-Up - Clementine Patterns

Our “Fruit of the Spirit” embroidery comes in two different ways:

  • As a pattern that comes with the pre-printed fabric and instruction sheet, or
  • As a kit that comes with everything you need to complete the embroidery, as shown below. All you need is a pair of scissors!

Embroidery Kit Supplies - Clementine Patterns -

I have been sharing some snippets of this pattern in my embroidery stitch tutorials that I have posted over the past few weeks:

Look for more stitch tutorials in the coming weeks.

“Month of Giveaways” Week #2


I want to thank everyone who entered in last’s weeks giveaway! It has been such a blessing to be able to share these gifts with you all!

Continuing with my “Month of Giveaways” in celebration of the launch of my new blog, this week’s giveaway is featuring some products from our family’s businesses!

A little background on our family businesses – My daughters, Breezy and Emily Rose, have always loved to create and as they finished their homeschooling years, they took that love of creating and started their own home businesses, The Breezy Tulip Studio and Noble Rose Press. Breezy being more of the traditional artist uses watercolor, pencil and ink. Emily Rose loves working in graphic design and visual editing. And my love of embroidery began another creative outlet for us in designing and stitching embroidery patterns for Clementine Patterns.

Here’s what one of you will win in this week’s giveaway!


One kit of your choice from Clementine Patterns. Our kits come with everything you need to complete the embroidery – pre-printed fabric, embroidery threads, instruction sheet, stitch guide, needle, needle book, and hoop. The only thing extra you’ll need is a pair of scissors.



One 8 x 10 art print of your choice from The Breezy Tulip Studio.



One copy of “For Such a Time as This” and “Audrey Bunny” written by Angie Smith and illustrated by Breezy! And they’ll be signed by Breezy.

Noble Rose Press Complete Collection

And one each of the Breezy and Emily Rose’s books that they created and are available at Noble Rose Press.


To enter this giveaway please leave a comment below sharing what your favorite product of the giveaway is.


Winner will be picked at random and announced next Friday, October 23nd just in time for Week #3 of my “Month of Giveaways”! (You can subscribe to email updates to make sure you don’t miss the next post!)

  • This Giveaway is now closed. A huge thank you to all who entered! We enjoyed reading your comments, they were very helpful!
  • Giveaway ends Thursday, October 22nd at midnight EST.

Congratulations to Larissa! Winner of Week #2 Artful Bundle!

Running Stitch Tutorial

Running Stitch - Clementine Patterns - MamaShire

I am having so much fun sewing our new pattern for Clementine Patterns. One of the stitches that we are using on this pattern is the running stitch, also known as the straight stitch.  It’s very easy to learn and master and with its simplicity it can be used to create many beautiful designs. So grab your needle and thread and let’s do some stitching.

Running Stitch - Clementine Patterns - MamaShire

Running Stitch Tutorial:

After threading your needle and knotting the long end of the thread, bring your needle up from the back and then take small straight stitches working the needle in and out through the fabric. On our patterns we have the lines already printed for you to see where to stitch. If you are working on a project that isn’t preprinted, you will want to make the stitches as evenly as possible.

Running Stitch - Clementine Patterns - MamaShire

Sometimes, I will put the needle through several stitches at a time, but that is not necessary. You can put the needle in and out for each individual stitch.

Running Stitch - Clementine Patterns - MamaShire

You may have noticed that I am left-handed, so if you are a right-hander simply do the opposite.

Running Stitch - Clementine Patterns - MamaShire

Pull your thread gently through the fabric.

Running Stitch - Clementine Patterns - MamaShire

As you pull your thread through the fabric, you may have an occasional knot or twist. Use your needle to gently straighten out any twists or knots. If your thread is getting twisted often, you can hold your fabric up and let your thread and needle hang and unwind. That should set things right so that you can begin stitching again.

Our new pattern and kit, “Fruit of the Spirit” will be available for pre-order soon!

A Special note – starting this Friday, October 9th, I will be hosting a “Month of Giveaways” here on MamaShire to celebrate the launch of my new blog. Stay tuned for more updates!

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