Backstitch Tutorial

Backstitch Tutorial - Clementine Patterns -

Have you ever wanted to learn how to embroider? Or maybe, you have done embroidery in the past, but it’s been a while and you would like a little refresher.  As I’m working on our newest pattern for Clementine Patterns, I thought it would be a great time to show you how to do several of the different stitches that are featured in the design.

Today’s stitch will be the backstitch. These photos show me and all my left handedness, so if you are right handed just do the opposite.

Backstitch Tutorial:

Begin by threading your needle and knotting the long end of the thread. Start on the back side of the fabric and bring your needle through to the front where you want to begin.

Make your first stitch by taking your needle on the front side and putting the needle in the fabric just a short distance (however long you want your stitch to be) from where you brought it up and pull it and the thread all the way to the backto . That’s your first stitch.

To make your second stitch, bring your needle and thread up from the back about the same distance away as the length of your first stitch.

Backstitch Tutorial - Clementine Patterns -

With your needle now on the front side again, go back to the end of your first stitch and place your needle just a little bit into the fabric in the exact same spot of the end of your first stitch, turn your needle so that it is going in the direction of your stitch line.

Backstitch Tutorial - Clementine Patterns -

With the needle still on the front of the work, but in the fabric just a bit, bring the tip of the needle up from the back side about the length of how long you want your stitch to be.

Backstitch Tutorial - Clementine Patterns -

Backstitch Tutorial - Clementine Patterns -

Pull your needle and thread all the way and this will be your next stitch.

Backstitch Tutorial - Clementine Patterns -

Continue going back to the end of the previous stitch to make your next stitch.

This type of backstitch is called the sewing method. You are basically working from the front of fabric. There is another method of backstitch called the stab method that I will feature soon.

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