Dreamy Hot Chocolate – Dairy Free, Sugar Free

Dreamy Hot Chocolate Dairy Free Sugar Free - MamaShire.com


Dreamy Hot Chocolate Dairy Free Sugar Free - MamaShire.com


Dreamy Hot Chocolate Dairy Free Sugar Free - MamaShire.com


Dreamy Hot Chocolate Dairy Free Sugar Free - MamaShire.com

If you’re decorating your home for Christmas or coming in from the cold after making a snowman, this dreamy hot chocolate will warm you up and keep everyone feeling good and festive. It’s the perfect blend of sweetness and creaminess and you won’t miss the dairy or sugar!

Tips for making Dreamy Hot Chocolate:

  • I think cashew milk works best in this recipe, it’s extra creamy, but you could also use almond or coconut milk. The taste and texture may be a little different.
  • I found that THM’s Sweet Blend sweetener worked perfectly and was preferred over our regular stevia that we use. You can use the sweetener of your choice and adjust amounts. This sweetener conversion chart can help you determine the right amounts.
  • If you don’t need this to be sugar free or if you are trying to gain weight replace the Sweet Blend and sunflower lecithin with 2 teaspoons of honey.
  • The sunflower lecithin gives the hot chocolate a creamier feel, but this is optional.
  • Optional add ins: Collagen, grass-fed butter, maca, protein powder. Make your own way with what your body needs!
  • Trim Healthy Mamas this Dreamy Hot Chocolate is an S.

Dreamy Hot Chocolate - Dairy Free, Sugar Free
Recipe type: Drinks
Serves: 1 serving
  1. In a medium sauce pan add all ingredients and carefully whisk as you heat it over medium heat to desired temperature.

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  1. Rhonda Devine

    I really enjoyed this recipe as I don’t drink regular milk–my first time using cashew milk(usually have almond). I took this up a notch by pouring into my large Snowman coffee cup and topping it off with brewed black coffee–yum!

    • MamaShire (Author)

      Okay, that sounds delish…and the snowman coffee cup makes it all extra special.

  2. Laura Fowler

    This is the FIRST non-dairy hot chocolate that I have enjoyed!!!! Thank you!

    • MamaShire (Author)

      Laura, that’s wonderful! I’m so glad you enjoy it!

  3. Kristen

    Just made this (didn’t put the cinnamon in), and it was yummy! Thank you for the recipe!

    • MamaShire (Author)

      Kristen, I’m so glad that you like it! Thanks for the comment!


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